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It’s been a long and busy time between blogs, and I’m pleased at this posting to fill you in on my email invite.  Wed., July 14, at 3:30 PM PDT I’ll be interviewed on blog radio.  From your computer, you can hear it live or listen later as each week’s program is archived and easily retrieved.  The host is Sandra Levitin, founder of the online site, Kalon Communities, which reaches out to women over forty.  Goodness knows I’m super qualified after heartily celebrating a milestone birthday in June.

According to the wisdom of the anonymous internet experts, “ the kalon”  is an ancient Greek term for what is good, fine, noble, beautiful. (and here again, Goodness knows I’d like to think I am super qualified). The mission of Kalön Women is to provide answers and raise awareness of the unique issues that affect our generation of women.   The online format offers easy access to ideas and information for those women who will become stronger from the knowledge shared.  This goal is also for the generation of women who follow and who will hopefully find their path less rocky.  Kalon’s online magazine covers the areas of health, finances, relationships, career—even retirement—and dispenses no-nonsense advice—female oriented and practical.  The articles, stories, poetry, essays are created by real women 40+ and written to inspire, help and perhaps provide a few laughs to all “women of a certain age”.  Check out the editorial guidelines—submissions welcome.  Maybe add your own voice and wisdom to this useful online forum.

On the Kalon blog radio site http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kalon-women I’ve listened to speakers who are experienced and professional with amazing backgrounds; they are always upbeat, visionary…and especially passionate about their “babies,” business start-ups and careers. Their enthusiasm and excitement is contagious, their accomplishments a tonic for our own efforts whatever our interests.  The various shows archived become a forum for the opportunities and challenges faced by mature and dedicated women.

For listeners tuning in online or later, I’ll be discussing financial issues in particular and life transitions in general.  My goal is to prove to women that they know more than realize about “all this money stuff.”  I’ll try to erase some hang-ups re finances and offer a shorthand for effective planning.  Though not much will be new, it always needs repeating.  There’s something so daunting about dealing with money—especially in this crisis economy!

To that end, I’m still answering questions as the Money Lady columnist for the local seniors magazine which you can now find online: www.ActiveOver50.com .  I’ve received positive feedback on my pragmatic answers.  Do check out this enjoyable local platform for the retirement crowd.  You’ll find short, zippy articles filled with surprises.   

 When I speak to groups, I usually share some of my own journey.  At my advanced age I can look far back and see the looping road I’ve traveled with all its surprising twists and turns, happy accidents and hopeful forks that make up each person’s life.  We tend to overlook the odd fate that feeds into the big chunks of inevitable changes—from graduation to grand-parenting—those “every-person” events of marriage, job, children.  We also bury the false starts, silly mistakes, the unexpected, and even undeserved happenings that color our real persona and craft our final attitudes from risk-taking to home-making.   Some call it luck or chance.  My theory proposes that it’s these small serendipitous swerves that add so much to our real “ME”. 

Also, much comes down to connections!  From the family ties that bind to eclectic new friendships, our readiness to reach out must set the tone for the on-going trip, especially as we age.  Even larger changes loom, but we’ll never be bored or beholden, sad or stuffy, too critical or over-cautious if we keep busy bumping into the small stuff of life that’s waiting just around the corner.  And you can trust this old fud; I follow my own advice—life is good and still so much fun.  Proof?  You can bump into me on the “radio.”

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