You know the old saying,

“Life gets in the way while we’re busy making other plans!”

This is especially true as long time investors and formerly savvy savers bump into the new retirement reality after the recent upheavals to the financial world as we knew it.

Evie Preston, a veteran of the financial industry as well as a victim of the unexpected changes to taken-for-granted investment strategies, presents an informative and entertaining presentation on the challenges facing current and potential retirees. Her comments will focus on the inherent risks in ingrained attitudes and old assumptions as well as the potential rewards awaiting a new approach to retirement security.

Evie will share parts of her own journey that have happily brought her full circle to speaking and writing after 25 years as an investment advisor. As a FINRA Reg. Rep. and retirement planner, Evie gave “Money Smarts for Women” and Money Management workshops. Currently she is a writing-sales coach, continues to speak on “Life Transitions” and is “the Money Lady” columnist for the well-received Active Over 50 senior publication. Her humorous book, Memoirs of the Money Lady, a recap of her years in the financial industry, will be given to each attendee.

“Evie shared her journey and how to face the bumps in the road; she made saving money easy for us to understand.”

Nora Nolden, Senior Service Coordinator, PAHC Management & Services

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