‘Tis The Season…To Recap and ReStart

Picture of back of house at Filoli

Back of house at Filoli

‘Tis the Season….
…to catch up and reach out, and I’m overdue. I haven’t been blogging lately… because, well, I’ve been writing and editing and yes, blogging for others, plus doing articles, bios and reviews online. However, as the famous wit, Dorothy Parker, aptly noted, “There are those who enjoy writing and others who enjoy “having written”, and being the latter, I’m not exactly sure how I revved up a new mini-career that calls for a bit of creativity and a lot of typing. The main paybacks are the perks that come with this exciting new territory.

And, oh, the places I’ve seen! Researching an article heralding the Autumn Festival at the fabulous Filoli estate in Woodside, Ca. turned into: lunch and a tour, special gifts and a unique experience. I interviewed a few of the 1,300 dedicated volunteers who tend the heirloom fruit trees, gorgeous gardens and exquisite Renaissance mansion—a must for tourists and locals—and I even “wrote” myself into attending a magic day with my grandchildren! My article, alive! Promise yourself the gift of visiting this gem right in our own backyard.

Welcome feedback came from some of the special people I’ve showcased this year asking for a “tear sheet”—copies of a piece to use for fundraising or promotion—better than a Pulitzer. Our Peninsula is alive in innovative offerings—a pre-school program immersing immigrant kids into main stream education and their grateful parents into grateful volunteers; a “language” signing class aimed at babies and moms to foster early communication, less frustration and better bonding; Mommy’s Coach classes to insure a smooth transition to motherhood—this article picked up by NBC for their evening news! Ta Da!

Ah, retirement! Life is good. Family and friends continue their connections, parties and fun. Old chums hang in—even some from grammar school days which is a looong time ago—and new buddies check in. I’ve considered learning to play Bridge or golf—I think there’s still time—or touring and traveling more—I think there’s still money! But for now, I write on, anticipating a new year of promise and productivity; I wish you the same. And as we move on to 2012, I send holiday hopes to all—to enjoy unexpected surprises and simple pleasures, all magically magnified via the prism of wisdom and age—truly, a gift for all seasons.
Cheers, Evie

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