Evie’s Rx for Smoothing Life’s Transitions



Are you “in transition?” Or contemplating making a transition?


The longer we live, the more transitions we are likely to face. Moving away,  getting married…or re-married,  having children, switching jobs—all offer immense rewards as well as daunting challenges.


So do retirement, changes in the family, death of a spouse, and embarking on new ventures.


In my 25 years as a licensed investment advisor, I’ve seen first hand and up close how having enough money makes many of life’s transitions much smoother—and how lack of money makes them pretty rocky!


Since I was an English teacher before I became a “money lady,” I recently gave myself an assignment to write a Special Report that explores different issues I’ve bumped into during my career of focusing on people’s finances. 


This Special Report offers what I call Rx’s—examples of sound financial prescriptions—for making the most of retirement, coping with changes in the family, and dealing with health care. 


Even if you have no intention of ever retiring, moving, re-marrying, divorcing, or starting a new venture—I’m confident you’ll find some tips worthwhile.  After all, sometimes transition is forced upon us, ready or not!


To download the Special Report, Practice Makes Perfect, click here:


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